Arm Candy Sets

Girls will surely love accessories, starts from hair bows, necklaces, bracelets, rings, and many more. One thing that has been quite popular nowadays is the arm candy sets. The set of random bracelets that are put to wear together will certainly make someone look cool as well as stylish. Some would like to make their own arm candy sets, but if you don’t want to bother picking the suitable bracelets to make your own arm candy, many have provided their arm candy sets for you.

This Arm candy set with leather bow bracelet is a good example for you who loves leather bracelet. Not only will it gives you the sophisticated look of the leather bracelet, but this arm candy set will also give you an appealing style. The set includes a white leather bow bracelet, stretchable spike, pyramid and rhinestones bracelets, with the diameter of the bracelet is 5.5cm.
Love gold? Well, this Arm candy set with gold bracelet stack is the suitable one for you. Consists of 2 handmade bracelets in gold color this arm candy set is definitely beautiful. All bracelets are made of high quality materials and are adjustable. The bracelet will be one braided bracelet and one stretchy spike bracelet.
Planning on going to the beach? Complete your beach style with this Paradise Mint Set. The mint color will gorgeously match with the sandy beach and warm ocean water. Plus, the addition of starfish bracelet makes it cooler and at the same time warmer.
This Arm Candy Set Pink Faith & Love Bracelets will be very suitable to wear during your dates. This set includes one "faith" bracelet in pink natural stone beads, one Faux pearl & Czech crystal bracelet, one adjustable pink "love" macramé bracelet, one gold infinity bead bracelet made of gold plated alloy, and Czech crystal gold tennis bracelet.

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